Portable Vacuum ultraviolet germicidal UV light for disinfection against bacteria and viruses

SKU DGT0005036

The vacuum cleaner operates with UV LED light and effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by penetrating the cell membrane of bacteria and destroy their DNA and RNA. Effective tool for disinfection and destruction of coronavirus. It does not contain mercury, of ozone and does not pollute the environment. It can be used for cleaning and disinfection of mattresses, furniture, beds, sofas and more.


  • Vacuum: & gt; 10kpa
  • uVC: 253.7 nm
  • power: 300W
  • Volume of container: 0,6l

Instructions for use

  1. Move slowly along the surface of the cleaning object.
  2. Keep the skin from ultraviolet rays, plants and pets. do not direct the light to the eyes!

Certificate of Conformity CE

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